Task 1

Naturalism attempted to achieve objectivity and frankness by portraying characters of low social classes who were shaped by their environment and heredity. This means that Naturalist novelists believed that they should show all the aspects of their characters and show that these characters did not have control of their fate. Everything that happened to the characters happened for a reason which lay outside of their powers. Naturalist novelists would focus on how the characters world, their social and economical background and their ‘animal instincts’ would shape what happened to them.
Task 1: In pairs research the features of Naturalism in Literature. You may make use of the internet. Check your findings with another pair and as a group, make a list of the characteristics of Naturalism.


Task 2

Answer the questions for each chapter. Your answers do not need to be very long and you may complete this task after you have read the novel or while you are reading the novel.


Task 3

Choose one of the following essay questions to write an essay about:
1. How is Tess portrayed as a pure woman?
2. To what extent are the naturalistic features of heredity and fate to blame for Tess’s fate?
3. Who is the real villain in this novel? Alec or Angel?